Day to Day

It’s the chip in my windscreen that has become a crack

It’s the middle child who wakes up grumpy and sets the course for the morning ahead

It’s the full punnet of strawberries with all their tips eaten off

It’s the washing, never ending

It’s the second car broken down and no money to fix it

It’s the adjustment of a new school teacher and a child split from her closest friends

It’s my husband’s heart

It’s the constant hunger of my growing girls, and the magic it takes to pull something from a bare fridge

It’s the tears at drop off

It’s the knot that forms when another bill arrives and the feeling of drowning

It’s the lack of direction, and the exhaustion in trying to find where the road starts

It’s not understanding why no one wants to hire me

It’s staying awake at night trying to work out how to make it all work

It’s the uncertainty of how to make a change when every door I knock on remains shut and the open ones close too

It’s the child who wants your attention as soon as the phone rings

It’s exhausting all my options and having no more ideas left

It’s the noise in my head

It’s another hole in my tee shirt

It’s walking around in circles because I can’t remember what I was up to

It’s another tantrum from a child who hates wearing socks

It’s the ants, constantly

It’s never quite managing to keep all the balls in the air

It’s thinking of a meal to cook tonight… and every night

It’s the bickering as soon as the kids come home from school

It’s putting out spot fires constantly

It’s the battle I face to get 2 of my girls to eat veggies

It’s dinnertime whining

It’s homework avoiding

It’s bedtime negotiating

It’s the feeling I’ve stuffed my kids up by all my parenting mistakes

It’s the lack of anything to give my husband after giving everything to the kids

It’s the heavy burden on my back that I can’t shift

It’s the prayers that seem to fall on deaf ears and the feeling that God is far away


It’s a morning at the beach and the giggles from a happy 3 year-old

It’s the water, fresh and invigorating that blows the cobwebs out

It’s feeling grateful every time I get in my new car and the sense of pride it has given the kids

It’s the sunshine

It’s the magpie that visits me every day for food and sings a song of gratitude when thrown some bacon

It’s the squishy hands wrapped around my neck and the “Mummy, I love you most in the whole wide world”

It’s the high schooler who is taking year 7 in her stride (and who sends me nice messages at lunchtime)

It’s the cool breeze when I’m hot and sticky

It’s a meal that stretches for lunch the next day

It’s the encouragement from a friend that I’m doing ok

It’s getting more than I anticipated done

It’s a cup of tea

It’s a teacher’s praise

It’s the chuckle an inbox joke brings

It’s the clear water creek on a hot afternoon

It’s empty bowls and full tummies

It’s the washing getting folded, unasked

It’s a husband with no expectations and no judgement

It’s a great show on TV when I finally get to sit down

It’s a foot massage

It’s the clean sheets on my bed

It’s the fresh start that tomorrow is

It’s the possibilities waiting and the anticipation of change in the air

It’s a God who brings grace to get through it all and knowing that, no matter how I feel, He is always there.

It’s the day to day


Donna has had many career incarnations throughout her lifetime. From working in Film/TV to magazine publishing to proof reading, editing and copy writing, she is also a qualified Interior Stylist and Colour Consultant. She often thinks of herself as a gypsy, roaming careers and creative pursuits and trying somehow, to connect them all! There’s one role however, that keeps her grounded, and that is motherhood. Donna has three gorgeous daughters, Sabine - 12, Claudia - 7 and Elsie - 4, who keep her on her toes and secretly wondering if ‘taxi driver’ should be added to her careers list! She loves to escape in a good book, and has a secret desire to pen a few of her own!!

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