Let’s Get Real

Today we are constantly bombarded with the idea of perfection, but let’s get real ladies, perfect is not our destination. In the depths of who we are we crave authenticity and my heart here in this blog, and through our beautiful community of women, is to celebrate the real, the raw, the good, the challenges, and all the stuff that makes us who we are. Because it's the real 'who we are' that Jesus desperately loves and desires to know more!

We are a community of women who support, stand for and love each other. Our mission is to include, encourage and empower- no matter your age, your past, or your current season, there is room for you! We believe every one of us has something to contribute; through lives lived we all have stories to share and, it's in this space, we will hear many of these stories, which we hope will inspire you! So, stand up, step out, and to be the unique and truly amazing woman you are, because you are God-designed for such as time as this! The real you - that’s all God is asking for.

I see a community of women who:

Celebrate and champion the success of other women

Fight for one another

Know their purpose in God

Embrace their unique gifts to contribute with passion

Know they are loved by God

Understand the power of standing together and believing in each other

Pray and read the bible

Speak words of grace and truth with wisdom and authority

Love life and fun but don’t compromise

Rise above the stuff life throws and continue to push into God

Stand up and have a voice for what they believe in

So excited to have you on this journey with us, believing with you for a great year!

Big Love



Kristy is a wife to Steve, mum of 3, Izaiah 7, Hunter 5, Frankie 3. Alongside her husband she is the senior pastor at C3 Church Kingscliff. She is also the principal of Kingscliff Performing Arts, a local dance school that had been running for 13 years. She is passionate about people, life and God.