Why Woman’s Events/Ministry?

I often find myself asking the question, ‘why am I doing this again?’ It's easy to ask that, when I’m focusing on me and how much I don't have to give, but when I'm reminded time after time about how God wants to love, empower and encourage His women, there is no doubt in my mind, we are absolutely doing what we are meant to be doing!

As I scroll through Facebook (that habitual thing I do, which I’m sure needs to be a little more surrendered in my life- just being honest!) I am bombarded with everything but the love of Jesus. Although I follow a lot of Christians and read many encouraging posts, it's the fulfilment of self, the constant images and the embracing of the 'gods of this world', that hurt my spirit and deflate my soul. What's worse is that sometimes I become so desensitised to these things, that I bypass them as nothing much and continue on my scroll journey. It’s in these moments when the Holy Spirit speaks and reminds me, ‘If you don't speak up who will?’

The cry of my soul is that Jesus fulfills all the needs, all the desires and all the hopes women are so desperately seeking. I know as a woman of God I have the answer, and I feel compelled to scream it out! I know that my God heals, He saves, He loves unconditionally, He is generous, He forgives, He gives me a hope and a future, He calls me by name, He is the lifter of my head, He is with me always, He is strong when I am weak, He anoints my head with oil, He redeems me, He gives me peace through the storm, He sets me free! I know He is the light in the darkness!

It can be hard to be so sure and strong in your beliefs in this day and age, and easy to feel silenced about the power that is so readily available to us each day. But, one thing for sure is that God has given us a voice to speak life into the brokenness and darkness that surrounds us. I will never apologise for running Women's events (or church in general) because if even one of us realises what God has put inside us, if even one hears the message of Jesus, if even one is healed, set free, empowered to stand strong… if even one is encouraged, then it's all worth it.

There are so many voices and influences in our world. So many pictures in our news feeds, so many opinions and articles, bombarding our thoughts and honestly, wasting our time. But if we could only shine a light on the greatest empowerer of women – our God, our creator, our eternal hope and answer! We must learn to listen to Him above all else, drowning out the emptiness of self-realisation, self-help, self-healing, all the mantras, narcissism, fakeness and the devaluation of femininity. It’s time we speak up, take a stand and give a voice to all who know the truth!


Kristy is a wife to Steve, mum of 3, Izaiah 7, Hunter 5, Frankie 3. Alongside her husband she is the senior pastor at C3 Church Kingscliff. She is also the principal of Kingscliff Performing Arts, a local dance school that had been running for 13 years. She is passionate about people, life and God.