The Highway of Life

A number of years ago, I had a friend who lived in Canberra and so I would often drive down there for the weekend. The first time I drove there, I made sure I was well prepared for the trip. I don’t know about you, but I like to know exactly where I am going especially when I don’t know the route. It gives me a sense of calm in the face of the unknown. It makes me feel in control.

I looked up the route on Google maps, wrote down every street that I had to be on, every turn I would need to make and noted roundabouts that I would have to go through. I made sure that I had that piece of paper with the directions so I could follow them to the letter.

I remember the day was warm, the sky was blue and I was happy to be heading off on an adventure. The trip began smoothly enough. I knew how to get across the city and head south. I knew the roads and recognised familiar landmarks. My instructions confirmed I was going in the right direction. How pleased I felt with myself that I had taken adequate time to prepare and write those instructions down. However, once I got to the outskirts of Sydney, I spent more time looking at that piece of paper than recognising familiar landmarks. I was in unfamiliar territory and feeling a little out of my comfort zone. “It’s OK.” I told myself, “You have your instructions.” I saw a sign and it said “Canberra.” At least I was heading in the right direction.

The road I was on was long and straight. It was an easy drive, and the scenery that flashed by was pretty. I kept a look out for those big green signs that tell you when you need to turn off and how far you are from your destination. Every other place got a mention, but not Canberra. A long time passed, and still no mention of Canberra. I was so sure I was on the right road. I had followed my instructions. I must be on the right road. But what if I had missed the turn off? What if the road had changed names and I didn’t know? I began to doubt my instructions. Should I turn back? Should I turn off? Why are there no signs? With panic starting to take over and my confidence in my instructions all but disappeared, I cried out to God. “Which way am I supposed to be going? Am I going the right way?”

I was surprised to hear a still, small voice in my head. “Have you seen a sign to turn off since the last one you saw?”

“Well…… no,” I said.

“Then you are going in the right direction.”

“Oh, OK!”

I was reminded of the scripture ‘Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”’ Isaiah 30:21 NIV

So I continued on that long, straight road.

Have you ever wondered if you are heading in the right direction? You remember hearing from God a while ago and you set off following His plans for you, but because you feel He has been quiet a long time, you begin to doubt, or you question. It is easy to take things into your own hands when you feel this way and begin to derail God’s plans for you. But unless God has told you to do something different, keep doing what you are doing. Whatever you find in your hand to do, do it, until He shows you otherwise. When the time comes, God will tell you to make that change.

If I do make a wrong turn and change direction too soon, it gives me confidence to know that He will be behind me telling me which way to go. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:4-5

PS Not long after I had that conversation with God, a large green sign loomed up on the horizon telling me how much further it was til Canberra. I made it there….. without getting lost!


Gail is a born and bred a Sydney girl, she never expected to live anywhere but Sydney. And yet, she is pleasantly surprised to find herself living on the Tweed River, following her God dream. A mother of two kids and two cats, life has taken many twists and turns. After a late career change, she returned to university to study for a degree in Special Education. Found that she really loved studying and vowed she would return to do her Masters within 5 years. Gail is currently doing her last subject in a Masters of Special Education. She teaches in a special education setting, working with students who have a disability. Gail's passion is intervention for a child when they are young, to help them reach their God destiny.